DOT Physicals in Northfield

everyDOT PhysicalsThe Department of Transportation requires that specific physical requirements be met to qualify for driving specific vehicles in Minnesota. Starting in 2014, it will be necessary to be certified to perform a physical exam for these drivers. The doctor must have the proper education and pass an exam to become certified. This will limit the number of physicians who can perform these DOT exams.

Dr. Jacob Conway is certified to perform these DOT exams in Northfield, MN!

What should be expected in a DOT exam?

  • Blood pressure check (<140/90)
  • Eye exam
  • Basic hearing exam
  • Pulse
  • Neurological screening
  • Heart and lung exam
  • Urine test - This will test for glucose, blood, and proteins in the urine as well as specific gravity

How can you tell if your examiner is certified?

Why is Dr. Conway an excellent fit for my DOT?

  • Dr. Conway is dedicated to the safety of MN roads
  • Dr. Conway is dedicated to health and will make sure that every health concern that sprouts from the exam are discussed
  • Dr. Conway is very caring during the exam
  • Dr. Conway can often get a DOT physical as a same-day appointment

How can I make an appointment?

  • The best method for making an appointment for a DOT exam in Northfield is to call our office at 507-645-8000. Our friendly staff will lead you through the process

Is there a drug test with a DOT exam?

  • There is NOT a drug test with a DOT exam; however, some companies require this exam
  • Dr. Conway does not perform alcohol and drug screenings

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