Northfield Chiropractor Discusses Back Pain and Veterans

Respect Your Veterans

I know that Memorial Day is coming up, but I would like to talk about Veterans. These are ladies and gentlemen who have chosen to risk their lives for the freedom of the United States, and they deserve the best treatment available.

The most common complaint for returning Veterans is back pain. Because of their sacrifice, they deserve the best care available. However, there is a problem for our government and that is money that is spent on health care. Luckily there is a solution to both of these problems. That solution is chiropractic care.

A new study demonstrates that the best care for back pain in a returning Veteran is chiropractic care. Considering the previous study that shows that chiropractic saves money and another study that shows early chiropractic intervention causes less back surgeries to be performed, it is very fair to say that our government will save millions on these heroes if they use chiropractic. Expensive surgery cannot even boast a better outcome for back pain, so that money should be saved as a last resort anyhow.

Using this data one might find it difficult to believe that chiropractic care is not an extremely common intervention for soldiers with back pain. Unfortunately, that is not the case. These people have to do a lot of leg work and jump though many hoops to get the care that they need. It is very sad, and it should change. Luckily there are many good people who are trying to get that changed for these people. If you would like to do your Veteran a favor then write your representatives, and let them know that you want these heroes to get the chiropractic care that they need without any hoops to jump through. Some of these heroes have to travel over 2 hours to go to an “approved” chiropractor. The choice should be up to the former soldier.

The study being used in this blog does not reflect the health of just soldiers. In fact, most of the studies referenced are true for everyone. Chiropractic is a safe, effective, and cost effective for every person! If you know someone who is dealing with some back pain, then have them call our clinic 507-645-8000. The sooner it is addressed the better the outcome and the quicker they get better! If you would like more health information please check out our blog.

Now please thank a soldier and remember your passed loved ones this Memorial Day!

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