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Thanksgiving is a day that we can all forgive ourselves for going a bit over board with how much we eat. We actually celebrate that fact, and if it is one night a year I think we will all live. However, this tends to be a time of the year when people ask me more questions about what is healthy and what is not healthy. Let’s ask nature.

The link that you may or may not have clicked on had a picture of what looked like a couple piles of butter and some ants. I know people probably think that they should stay away from the pile that has ant on it, but let me try to change your mind. I am not saying that I want people to eat ants (they are actually more nutritious than McDonalds, but I have to choose battles that I can win), but look at why they are eating that pile of butter. Those ants are only trying to survive, and when the pass by the other piles they recognize that there is nothing of value in those other piles.

So what are those piles? The ones that have no ants are made of different brands of margarine. They one that has ants is organic butter. So why is margarine so bad for you? It is made of vegetable oils right? It is; however, it is made of processed vegetable oils. They process this oil with hydrogen to made trans fats. These fats do not exist in nature, and the ants don’t recognize this as food. That is because it is not food. It is a man-made produce that pretty much has no nutritional value.

An incident happened to my mother that can bring this point home a bit more. She has a cabin in the woods near Ely, so it is almost impossible to keep mice out of the cabin. One day she noticed that her almond crackers that she purchased from Just Food Coop was completely eaten, but her other crackers were not even touched. Again the gut response (pun intended) would be to then stay away from those crackers, because they attract mice, but the more nutritionally informed person would think, “why would I eat something that animals don’t recognize as food?” The answer is simple. Those other foods are plainly not foods, and shouldn’t be consumed on a regular basis. Most likely they will cause things like obesity, inflammation, diabetes, and other conditions. Think about it as your body rejecting what you are putting in it.

Now I want all of you Northfielders to have a wonderful Thanksgiving, but after eating yourself into a pile of bones on your families floor (I will join you) make sure that you have a well-informed look at food in your everyday life. If you have more questions about how to eat healthy follow our blog, follow us on Facebook, follow us on Pinterest, follow us on Google +, follow us on Twitter, or call us on the phone 507-645-8000. I am more than glad to help steer you in the right direction. Remember that life is an adventure, be healthy for it!

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