Northfield Chiropractor Talks About Mobility

A few Sundays ago, Jake and I went to church at the gorgeous Valley Grove Church near Nerstrand. After

Dr Jake and Dr Bridget Conway at Valley Grove Church near Nerstrand, MN

mass, we enjoyed a picnic and took in the scenery. As we were heading back to our car, an older gentleman was carrying two folding chairs, and I offered to carry them for him. He promptly replied “NO.” I still insisted but he smiled and kept walking. Seconds later, Jake approached and instantly asked if he could carry the chairs for the man. Again, “NO.” The man smiled and continued that if he stopped working and not moving, he would simply do that…stop moving and become weak.

As most of us can relate, we find it moral to help our older friends, and by no means do I mean to tell anyone to leave the elderly to fend for themselves. However, the man’s words should have been of no surprise to me as a chiropractor. In our practice, we keep the body moving. Allowing joints to become immobile or subluxated can cause serious injury and keep us from doing what we love to do now and more importantly in the future. By cutting off the nerve conduction, afferent input to the brain, and motor components of our nerves, we can cause a slow death to our muscles and deteriorate our movement, but we also cut off the life supply to our organs (heart, intestines, liver, pancreas, etc). We are slowly killing ourselves by allowing our little pains to become our normal aches.

Which would you rather be doing in 20 years:

  • Playing tennis on a warm summer day?
  • Or pushing those tennis balls along on the back legs of a lightweight walker?

If you plan on being active in 20 years, stop in the pick our brains about chiropractic and see why the time to start your healthy future is NOW! You deserve it.

If you’d like more information on how to stay young longer, check us out at or stop by the office in Northfield, MN. 1080 S HWY 3. 507-645-8000.

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Dr. Bridget Conway

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