Chemicals Linked to Obesity. Have You Detoxified Your Liver Lately?

Are you exposed to chemicals is Northfield?

Obesity can be a health, financial, and emotional strain for our modern society. However, weight loss can be a difficult task for many people. Not only do we have a constant barrage of refined sugars in our overly pre-prepared foods, but it looks as if toxic chemicals may also be contributing. A Science Daily article has noted a study that links an industrial chemical and pesticide to fat storage in mice. It is also linked to other problems such as sex hormone endocrine disruption.

The chemical under question is called tributylin. It is widely used in wood preservation, antifouling pesticides, marine paints, and industrial water cooling systems. It is already understood that this chemical affects the liver, immune system, and nervous system. It is also known to affect the sexual development of wildlife. The research presented in utero mice with exposure to this chemical. This activated cellular components that caused certain genes to switch on causing the growth of fat cells. The exposed mice gained significantly more weight than the unexposed mice even when the diets were controlled to be the exact same as the unexposed mice.

The researchers note that “the enormous rise in obesity over the past four decades coincides with the increased use of industrial chemicals over the same period.” This is a causal relationship that will most certainly be researched further in the future. There is already research into the cellular trigger that is presented in this study retinoid X receptor (RXR) being done by drug companies to affect this trigger. This could be helpful, but again this is a reactive route of healthcare, and only contributes to a higher cost system. A proactive approach would be much more prudent.

Call to action: Two things can help with this type of exposure. One is to avoid the risk the best method possible especially during pregnancy. The second would be to give your body the right environment to detoxify this type of chemical out of your body.

Avoidance is obviously the most important method. It is difficult as this chemical is ubiquitous in our modern world. However, eating fresh organic foods can limit your exposure. Anytime that you can eat locally or eat fresh foods you are avoiding all kinds of pesticides and antifungals. When you eat any pre-packaged foods you up your chance for exposure. Try you best to eat locally especially if you are pregnant.

The liver is the main method for getting rid of bad things that you put into your body. The health and maintenance of this organ is key to detoxification. Things that help the detoxification processes are fresh veggies (especially kale and cabbage) and fruits that have high levels of antioxidants (like blue berries and pomegranates). Just about any type of veggie will help this process (corn is a grain and not a veggie). Going on detoxification programs will also help with liver maintenance. You should be monitored during this process, so it is important to consult your chiropractor about the detox process.

Be proactive in your health, and take care of yourself BEFORE there is a problem! Here is a link that may help you with some of the problems that you are having. Sometimes you may also have a problem with your neurotransmitters. To see if you have a problem check out this link. Dr. Conway would be more than happy to evaluate these forms for you. If you would like more information about this article call Cannon Pointe Chiropractic 507-645-8000.

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