Chiropractor in Northfield Explains Another Good Reason to Take Good Fish Oils


This is the beginning of a series of blogs about the benefits of taking high quality fish oils. There is so much evidence that is in the literature about the benefits that I feel like it wise to inform about the many benefits. A new article from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition gives people one more reason that they should supplement with fish oils.

The main finding in this article has to do with a protein called sICAM-1 (soluble cell adhesion molecule). These represent important biomarkers for the inflammatory process that involve platelets and the endothelium. This is where new research in cardiovascular disease is currently being done.
The study from the Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that taking fish oil can lessen these markers in the bloodstream in a significant way. This article shows that this is another way that fish oil might help with supportive therapy for cardiovascular disease such as atherosclerosis.

The study doesn’t come to the conclusion as to why fish oils help this process, but there is reason to hypothesize a mechanism. It has to do with the inflammatory process that happens in the body. Omega-6 fatty acids lead to a pro-inflammatory process (damaging chronic inflammation) and the Omega-3 (fish oils)fatty acid leads to an anti-inflammatory process. The standard American diet has many overly processed foods with added sugars lead to a pro-inflammatory situation. Even most of the meats have an Omega-6 ratio that leads to chronic inflammation. This was discussed in a previous blog .

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The best method to go about helping arteries is to very simply eat lots of healthy uncooked fruits and vegetables, and eat meat that is higher in Omega-3 fatty acids. Also, stay away from processed foods that are usually injected with a bunch of unhealthy sugar.

However, it can be difficult to constantly eat enough Omega-3 (fish oils) fatty acids. That is why I would make sure to supplement your diet with GOOD QUALITY fish oils. They are not all made safely. If you would like more information about good quality fish oils please call Cannon Pointe Chiropractic


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