Diet Drinks are Not a Healthy Alternative

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Your body tells you that it is thirsty. You reach into you reach into your fridge or stop at a gas station. You look at all of the availabilities, but you don’t want to gain weight, so you grab a diet soda. You may be thinking that you are doing your body a favor, but a recent study from the University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine shows that may not be true.

“Daily diet drink consumption was associated with several vascular risk factors and with an increased risk for vascular events”. The study went on to state that further research is needed to make any conclusions about the consequences of diet soft drink consumption, but your body won’t wait for further studies to be degraded by this practice. This is just one of several studies about the detrimental effects of a product that advertises itself as a health alternative to regular sodas.

Our society is already severely dehydrated. Products that are basically sugar water, or fake sugar water, actually have a negative effect on the hydration of our bodies. People should be drinking at least 8 full glasses of water daily, and when you factor in the soda consumption you will have to drink up to ten.

There are several benefits to drinking water, but one in particular is interesting. A recent study showed that when you drink two 8 oz. glasses of water before a meal you can lose weight. Think about it. This is a very easy and cost effective way to lose a bit of weight as a side-effect of being properly hydrated.

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Replace your sodas, even the diet ones, with water, and you can get yourself healthier with little to no effort! Side-effects may include: better hydration, weight loss, lower caloric intake if taken before meals, and better overall wellness!

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