Northfield Chiropractor Asks If Sitting Can Kill You

If there was a drug out there that had evidence shown to kill a person sooner than not taking that drug, then there wouldn’t even be a discussion about whether or not a parent would allow their child to take that drug. They would also not take that drug ensuring that the child would not be negatively influenced by their behavior. That is not very controversial, and most parents would get behind that effort without a second thought. However, there is something that can be related to such a drug, and that is a sedentary life-style.

Sedentary life-style leads to a lower quality life.

A new study about a sedentary life-style shows that the less you move the shorter your life will be. The idea behind abstaining from drug use is to have a higher quality of life that lasts longer. So if we are to put that statement to logic, then it is just as important to make sure that our children stay away from a sedentary life-style to keep them from having a lower quality of life. In the same vain it is just as important to show the children through actions that you are dedicated to the same quality of life.

The study stated that those people who are having a more sedentary life-style are more prone to heart disease, diabetes (and complications related to diabetes), and obesity. Again, I don’t think that this is an earth shattering discussion. What is earth shattering is the fact that millions of people daily make the decision to spend a lot of their time sitting instead of becoming active, and this has a direct influence on their children just like smoking in front of a child or doing drugs in front of a child would influence them. Granted I don’t think it is just as bad as doing these things, but what I am getting at is that there is a direct influence on a behavior that can shorten the lifespan of a child.

Call to action:

Everyone wants a long healthy life for their child. This new study confirms that keeping the children from having a sedentary life-style can give that a longer and higher quality of life. So let us all become a positive influence for our children. Let us try to limit the amount of time that we are not moving as much as we can. Let us get as much heart pounding exercise as we can! This will be the greatest influence that we can have on our children (not to mention save TONS of money on healthcare)! Perhaps we are more like sharks that we think. They die if the stop moving. This study confirms that we might too.

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