Northfield Chiropractor Dissects Cancer Article

New Treatment for Cancer?

A breakthrough finding about cancer is one again misinterpreted. A study about the effects of a popular drug for diabetes has an effect on bladder cancer. This is a great thing if you would like to help treat cancer; however, the potential for prevention is ignored.

Blood Sugar and Cancer

It may sound callous, but cancer treatment is a big business. They even make a ton of money on getting the word out about cancer (pink ribbon stuff). However, there is little money in prevention of cancer. This is where the focus of cancer research should go as it will have the largest impact on lives saved and on money spent.

Followers of my blog know that I discuss blood sugar regulation often. I also discuss the benefits that it can have on many people’s lives even if you don’t have diabetes.

Benefits of Blood Sugar Regulation:

  • Better Adrenal Function
  • Better Function of Thyroid
  • More Alertness
  • More Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Better Hormone Balance
  • Fewer Complications with Hormones
  • Reduction of Everyday Pain
  • Fewer Complications with Diabetes
  • Reduction of Inflammation
  • …and so much more

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Granted all of these benefits can be achieved through diet and exercise and benefitted with supplementation of specific nutraceuticals, but the medical method is to give a chemical that has a similar effect on the body. That is to help keep free glucose from circulating in the body. Why is that beneficial? That is because glucose is our body’s main source of energy. This also means that glucose will be the main source of energy for cancer cells. If that extra energy is reduced, then it is logical to think that it is also reduced for a budding tumor.

I am not saying that cancer is caused by blood sugar dysregulation . However, the energy that you have circulating in the system that is not able to be used by healthy cells will be taken up by cells that need lots of energy (cancer cells). Also, the dyregulation of blood sugar leads to more inflammation in the body. More and more studies have been linking inflammation and excess weight with cancer. Cutting this inflammation would then be a great focus on prevention of cancer. At least it should be a co-treatment for folks who are newly diagnosed.

Again the study missed the mark. They seemed to think, “Oh great! Now we have a new thing to give patients who have cancer.” In my opinion these researchers should have dug more deeply than this. They should have looked at the biochemical reaction of what this drug has done and formulated a more preventative type of hypothesis. Then they could do some real studies about what you put in your body, and the consequences of the bad things that you put in your body. Therefore, people can chose to live a lifestyle that can have a better chance of preventing cancer. We will not save any money on healthcare if we just treat people who make bad decisions about what they put in their body. We will save a ton if we give people the education (power) about a healthy life-style. We’ll get there….I hope. At least my patients will get the power.

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