Northfield Chiropractor Says No to Weight Loss Drug, But Why?

Obesity is a problem in the United States, and that problem is getting worse according to a recent study. The study stated that by 2030 obesity will be at 42% of the population if trends continue. Something must be done. How we can combat this problem is up to the practitioner that you see. I am a conservative healthcare provider, and have the idea that treatment should be determined from a conservative prospective. This doesn’t seem to be a focus in our pill-first healthcare model, and a new pill is being marketed to our patients to combat obesity. I think they are way off the mark with this one.

The drug that I am talking about is Lorcaserin. The FDA just approved it this week. This was after the FDA did not give approval in 2010, because of efficacy issues and heart valve concerns. They also had concerns about psychosis and brain and breast tumors that were seen in rats that were given the drug. However, this is not the main reason that I am not for this drug.

I am against this, because is plays into a dangerous psyche. It is the “I’ll have my cake and eat it too” mentality. I am sure that the makers will tell the doctors to advise the patients to eat a healthy diet, but the principal that is sold is “you can just take this magic pill and you will look like a movie star!” This causes people to ignore the truth about healthy living. Make choices that are beneficial to wellness and not detrimental. To me sending this message would be like telling a heroin addict that they can keep shooting heroin, but if you take this pill you will no longer have the symptoms of heroin addiction. The problem is not the symptom, but the action taken to cause the symptom.

The problem right now is that our culture doesn’t understand what the actions are. They are sold the idea that counting calories can lead to good health. This is FALSE! The idea of Lorcaserin is that it will curb your appetite. It will chemically send a signal to your brain that says that you have had enough food. Thus, you will eat less food. What if I told you that you can do that without medication, and in the end you will be healthier?

Call to Action:

This pill company made a multimillion dollar bet that people are not informed enough about how our bodies work. That bet also assumes that we do not have the will power to change how we are behaving once we have this knowledge. I am insulted by this bet, and am taking a stand against this bet. I think that we can be much more informed, and can make better decisions about what we put in our bodies based on this knowledge. This kind of thinking will have its side-effects. Those side-effects can include; alertness throughout the day, weight loss, better well-being, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, blood glucose control, more energy, and more!

If you would like to subscribe to this kind of thinking, then follow three simple steps. Eat protein and good fats in the morning, and stay away from any sugar containing compounds including fruits (eat tons of this stuff after 4pm!). The second thing would be to avoid any packaged food. The third would be to drink water or tea (no sugar included) as your only liquids. Do these for 3 weeks, and see how you feel. I am willing to bet you will feel amazing! (You will probably lose weight too!).


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