SNAP and Cannon Pointe Chiropractic Team Up For Your Wellness Plan

Health and wellness should be an important aspect for every person every day, but this time of year it tends to be much more on the forefront. This is New Year’s resolution time, and so many people have weight loss

Wellness in Northfield

goals or physical fitness goals. That is great, but these tend to fail if there is not a well thought out plan. Attaining these goals in Northfield is now much easier, because of the opportunity for help today (Jan 7th) and next Mon (Jan 14th)!

One of the biggest reasons that people fail their goals is that they don’t make educated, realistic, or quantifiable goals. This can be tough, because if they just throw out any old number they can get frustrated when they don’t attain these goals. At the meeting at SNAP fitness we can help you find quantifiable realistic goals that in the end will help you become a healthier person. This will then save you tons of money in the future. Remember that fitness and wellness is an investment in health with great returns!

Failure to attain goals also happens when there is not a coach. Ideally you would want a person like Bronko of SNAP to be your coach as he has the education and motivational techniques that would really help you over the edge. However, a coach can be someone as simple as a spouse or friend. They are the person who can talk you into getting to the gym when maybe you could get talked out of it. This would have to be a reciprocating relationship, because they would sometimes need your motivation as well. This can also help make the experience MUCH more fun!

Another aspect of failure is to ignore some issues that underlie a condition. Weight loss has many intricate aspects like stress and cortisol wreaking havoc on thyroid, sex hormones, stomach, and blood sugar. Having an expert in that area like me (Dr. Conway) can really get around those complicated plateaus that most people run into during their wellness or weight loss goals. The body is far more complex that just taking in calories and burning calories, so having someone who can help you navigate those issues can be a great resource.

Another drawback can be injury. Good news! As a chiropractor I can help get you back to a high functioning state that would allow you to be the healthiest you can be! Remember that those injuries can actually be caused by an abnormal function of your body. When your body is not functioning at its optimum level you can get pulls and tears on tendons and muscles. That is why I would recommend a check-up BEFORE you start your health and wellness plan. That way you can better avoid an injury.

For more information about health and wellness discover our blog or call 507-645-8000. Remember that life is an adventure, be healthy for it!


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