Chiropractor in Northfield Discusses Nutrition That is Out of This World!

This blog has a bit of Science Fiction that will hopefully make this subject a bit more fun. Imagine that there is an alien race called the Glycosylaties that has come to Earth to study the human race in a peaceful manner. They would look at our society, and be in awe of how beautiful it was.


The Glycosylaties stayed for a long period of time without giving the humans any input. They studied everything from social issues to religion, but what they really wanted to know was how our physiology worked. It was so different from theirs, and it seemed to fascinate them.

It came time to report to the humans what they had observed. They were not very good at our form of communication, so the way that they presented their work was a bit confusing to the humans. They talked about how wonderfully gifted the humans were, and how advanced their industry had become. They never understood our TV culture. They couldn’t understand why we seemed to cherish people who gave no value to society. They also couldn’t grasp the idea of a show that was called a reality show, but was in no way based on reality. They also thought that our Snookie looked a lot like an alien race that was 10 light years away from Alpha Centauri.

However, they did have some questions for our people. They wanted to know why we allow our people to hurt themselves the way that we do. They pulled out a bag of white powder and began to ask us why we would extract an addictive chemical from plants even though it was killing us. The human representative spoke up and stated that those people are not supposed to do that. Cocaine is an illegal drug, and is forbidden by our society. It is only a small minority of misfits that partake in cocaine consumption.

The alien interrupted the representative. “No, I am talking about sugar.”

The human seemed confused, so the alien explained. “Your society yearns for many forms of this chemical extracting it from many different sources. It is socially acceptable, and quite encouraged to be consumed by your children. It has devastating effects on your bodies when it is over-consumed. Long standing blood sugar dysregulation (diabetes) is killing people at a rapid rate, and it is costing your healthcare system billions of dollars, but no one seems to be getting to the bottom of the problem. This is a mostly preventable disease, but you seem to be only treating the symptoms. We cannot understand why this would be happening especially when it is preventable”

The human looked very perplexed. They hadn’t thought about it this way before. “I guess that is just how we do it.”

The alien looked at the representative and said, “As an outside observer we recommend that this be a cure for your healthcare woes. You don’t have to spend this much money when the solution your problem is education and proper choices to be made. There is no need for expensive medications and surgeries. The understanding of how to self-regulate your blood sugar with food is the most logical solution to your problem. This should be the first line of your defense against diabetes, but when we asked the people who have this disease they are shocked to hear that they can help themselves. They were never given the proper information.”

The man just lowered his head. He seemed to concede to this idea. “I know, but it is so much easier to let them do what they enjoy doing, and give them medications, so they can continue. After all they enjoy eating what they are eating.”

The alien looked blankly at the representative. “Would you do the same for a cocaine addict?” The alien seemed to finally understand what the newer generation of humans called sarcasm.


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