Alzheimer’s and Dementia Can Be Treated Proactively

I hope that no one has to ever deal with a loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. It is the most heart-breaking pathological progression that I have ever dealt with. Most people who are stricken with the process don’t even know that it is happening to them until it is too late.

Once the diagnosis is given there isn’t much that can be done. According to Consumer Reports ( only 10-20% of people who take medications for Alzheimer’s even benefit from the medication. This is not a good sign, since the average price for these drugs is in the $148-195 range monthly.

Too much emphasis is being put on treatment and not on prevention. There are ways to help defend yourself against the disease. A new study ( shows that exercise can be beneficial to your brain when it is done regularly! This means that you can have the power to prevent your mind from waning. Everyone knows that when you go to the Northfield Athletic Club or any other gym that you are doing yourself a favor when it comes to several aspects of health, but now there is a new reason to get your legs moving.

This study shows that your brain has the capacity to up-regulate fuel, and be able to store more of it when you exercise consistently. This means that when you exercise regularly you have a lower chance of having those cells die off from lack of energy. Think about it like you are strengthening your brain as you strengthen your muscles.

Call to action: Even if you do not have a familial history of Dementia or Alzheimer’s you should get your exercise. You should be doing at least 30 min of heart pumping exercise daily! That is only one episode of your favorite TV show. If you are sick of paying loads of dollars for medication, then take control of your health. Get out there and do something for your brain! If you are in too much pain to exercise, then you should see a healthcare professional.

Is Chiropractic Care Right for You?

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