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There has been quite a bit of press lately on the effectiveness of dietary supplements lately, and I would like to give you a different perspective, and a research expert’s perspective.

Good Nutritional Supplements

The “Big article”

The big news hit a couple of weeks ago stating that multivitamins waste your money. First off, this was not a study. This was an editorial from a researcher who looked over some research, and made an opinion about that research. However, research experts at the Point Institute have a different perspective when it comes to the research that the editorial was discussing. The counter article can be found here. They state that even the research that was published in the very same article as the editorial had fatal flaws in the science of the research. This means that research done on supplements is not being administered correctly, and conclusions brought by them are inherently flawed.

What is in these things?

Another problem with researching supplements is that not all supplements are treated equally. Another recent article discussed that most of the time the supplement did not contain an adequate amount of the product labeled. This means that if research was done on a supplement that did not contain what it said it contained, then that research is even more flawed.

Am I getting a good supplement?

How can you tell if you have a good product? That is a very good question. The FDA has worked to help make sure that supplements have what they say they have in their bottles through a GMP certification. Further testing has been done through an independent company called NSF. These products have to be put through tests and studies to say that they are accurately labeled. You can see if your supplements are GMP certified by checking the label, or by calling the company that you purchase your supplements from.

Can you help me?

It is difficult to see if these products in the tests were good products, and whether or not they were put through a good test. At Cannon Pointe Chiropractic we have made sure that the products that we carry are GMP certified and/or NSF approved. We have seen some great things happen when you give a patient the right supplement for the right condition, and this has happened quite often. It all comes down to using the correct supplement for the correct condition. This takes a good history and a great knowledge of biochemistry. I am very glad that we can offer this to our patients.

If you have any questions about supplements, or any other health condition, please give us a call 507-645-8000. We also have a history of some very good blogs here.

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