Neck Pain in Northfield: (The Campfire Analogy)

Most folks have a problem with neck pain in their lifetimes. If it becomes a chronic problem, those folks would usually go see their MD (medical doctor). This can be a problem because their MD doesn’t have a solution for them to fix the underlying problem(s).The sad thing is that they may give a prescription for pain killers, relievers, or muscle relaxers. All that these drugs do is throw water on a bon fire. If you are an outdoorsman, like me, you know that when you throw water on a fire like this only the flames go away. The burning hot coals are still underneath the fire, and that fire can flame back up at any point. This is especially true if some cardboard or paper (comparing to aggravation and continuing life with poor posture and a weak nervous system) gets on those flames.

What can a chiropractor do? To keep up with the analogy, a chiropractor will find out where the coals are, and dig them out of the ground. That means that they look for where the problem lies and take care of the problem; not just throw water on the symptoms. It is so easy and quick to throw water on the symptoms, and have you think that the problem is gone. That is why I believe it is such a popular, convenient, yet inefficient route that millions of Americans take daily.

There is a problem with that instant gratification and often lack of gratification. The issue with the neck isn’t solved, and, most likely, the problem comes back perhaps even worse than before. Chiropractic looks at the function of your neck and finds out what the problem is mechanically, neurologically, and muscularly. With that information, we can make corrections that your system has in error. This may take some time just like it would take more time to dig out all of the burning coals in the bon fire. However both of these methods will have a lasting effect well worth the time and effort.

How is Cannon Pointe Chiropractic different? We are different because we take an extensive functional neurologic exam and digest it to come up with a treatment plan. That treatment plan is very specific to your condition, your lifestyle, your time, and is dictated by your neurological findings. We use our adjustments specifically to tailor to your condition. For example, a patient had an ipsilateral weakness in her pontomedullary reticular function causing a subtle imbalance in her musculature that then caused her pain. Because it was a neurological imbalance, working on only these areas would not be essentially helpful to the underlying cause. Also, if she was to receive adjustments that were not specific, she may not have gotten completely better.

If you are having neck pain or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our passion is to help people. Remember that life is an adventure, be healthy for it!

Is Chiropractic Care Right for You?

Chiropractic is effective in treating many conditions such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, and so much more!