Northfield Doesn’t Have to Live With Neck Pain…..See a Chiropractor!

A new study just came out about the fact that chiropractic is beneficial for neck pain. The study was discussed in this article. This is not news to millions of chiropractic patients worldwide.

What is news is that fact that more and more good studies of chiropractic are coming out, and I couldn’t be happier. When you talk with a patient who is suffering from neck pain, and have been helped by chiropractic they don’t care that there is now more research confirming what they have already experienced (great care!). However, it is very important to keep this type of research going, because there are interests that cannot use testimonial (anecdotal) evidence to pay for or suggest the services of a chiropractor.

This type of research is also great for MDs. It will open the door for them to seek out and refer their patients to chiropractors. I believe that this is what MDs have been waiting for! It is very important to let your doctor know about the benefits of chiropractic. If you have been treated by a chiropractor about your neck pain let them know, and show then the research. This will allow them to help others with neck problems by referring them to a chiropractor.

There are many reasons that a person has neck pain. Chiropractors are uniquely qualified to work with neck pain, and now there is one more piece of research that backs that fact. Now you know that there is more to helping the neck than just taking a pill. If you are suffering from neck pain give us a call. Here is a quick link to our intake forms! Our passion is to help people. You don’t have to live with the pain.

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Is Chiropractic Care Right for You?

Chiropractic is effective in treating many conditions such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, and so much more!