Weigh-loss/Blood Sugar Control Tips From Northfield Chiropractor

I have done a bunch of lectures about a problem in Northfield and pretty much every other city in this nation. That problem has to do with the issues that arise from blood sugar dysregulation . If you know someone who has some of these problems, then please read on:

Stress Relief



-heart disease

-chronic low-grade inflammation (hypersensitivity to pain)

-brain fog

-energy depletion

During these talks I discussed several ideas that can help these situations in a natural way. Some of these tactics can be found in previous blogs found here. However, I tend to gloss over some aspects that are very important and can really speed up the recovery from this situation. I talked about these issues as if they were a type of catalyst. They are not necessary for recovery, but they can really speed up the process.

One of those catalysts can be dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). This is a hormone that is released from the adrenal glands. It tends to peak its release when people are in their 20’s, and tends to slowly diminish thereafter. The reason it may be beneficial for this situation is that it combats the stress response. This is important, because the stress response can have a negative effect on blood sugar regulation. Research also shows that it helps to decrease insulin resistance.

Other things that DHEA can help people with:

-Support Immune Function

-Maintain Cognitive Function

-Improved Sleep Patterns

-Peri and Postmenopausal support

-Reducing Fat Mass and Maintaining Lean Body Mass

-Maintaining Healthy Lipid Levels and Overall Cardiovascular Health

-Normalizing Glucose Metabolism

This is all wonderful, but how can you know that you need this? One method is to test for it. Diagnos Techs has a salivary test that can find out if you are right for careful supplementation of DHEA. This way there is an evidence-based reason for supplementing. It is not advised to just take this without a reason for taking it.

Another catalyst for blood sugar regulation is Take Shape For Life. This is a program that uses a Metifast meal replacement every 2-3 hours and a healthy green meal to basically stabilize blood sugar. I call it the easy button, because people don’t have to think about what they are going to make. They just make sure they have a meal replacement ready every 2-3 hours. Another reason it is called the easy button is because it comes with a free coach (me and the supporting websites). It takes all of the guessing out of it. You can lean of your help to help get through the regulation process. Eventually it teaches your body to become more aware of blood sugar regulation so that you can regulate it without the Metifast.

If you have any questions about Metifast or DHEA please call us at 507-645-8000 or visit our website at www.cannonpointe.com. Also, there are several other blogs dealing with blood sugar here.

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