Why You Can’t Lose Weight, And How You Can! Chiropractor In Northfield Discusses Nutrition And Wellness

You have been lied to. At the very least you have not been given the proper information on nutrition. There is a reason that many people have been frustrated with trying to lose weight or to meet other health related goals. This causes a cascade of feelings that work against you, and there are people and companies that prey on this for a profit. It also causes an effect that perpetuates the system.

Goals to meet!

We are going to make an attempt to debunk this system for you (we will call the debunks body hacking to make it sound cooler). We are going to have a series of articles (a serial if you will) that slowly picks apart some of the issues that so many of us try to deal with when it comes to our wellness goals.

This serial has one basic goal. That goal is EMPOWERMENT. We have nothing to sell. We only care about our patients, and too many times these problems get in the way of our treatment outcomes. We would like for this to stop, and we would also like for many of you to not have to rely on medications to get to your goals. The cure for diabetes (type II) is not found in a pill or a walk-a-thon. It is found with the proper education and the motivation to say goodbye to diagnosis and medication.

This serial is also meant to be an open panel for questions. Please leave any questions that you may have, and we will do our best to answer them as soon as we can. We know that the method that we explain these topics is clear to some, but perhaps there is a better way for others to hear them.

We will try to get the serial out every two weeks to keep you interested. Next week we will have the first installment of Blood Sugar Regulation. The serial will follow like this:

  • Blood sugar regulation

    • Breakfast and why
    • Genetics and epigenetics (don’t worry I will not get too esoteric)
    • Hormone effects
    • Companies prey on you
  • Stress

    • Emotional
    • Physical
    • Blood sugar and thyroid connection
    • How you can alleviate some stress-having fun with stress
  • Exercise

    • How you can least waste your time
    • Why you are doing it wrong
    • Why you are doing it for the wrong reasons
  • Intestinal Bacteria

    • Why we are getting bad information about it-fish tank analysis
    • Yeast and SIBO
    • The brain effect

Is Chiropractic Care Right for You?

Chiropractic is effective in treating many conditions such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, and so much more!