Chiropractor in Northfield Discusses Blood Sugar Once Again

We hope that our previous blogs about blood sugar have been helpful with your health and wellness goals! These previous blogs attempted to place a greater focus on blood sugar regulation as opposed to the more popular calorie counting method of wellness and weight-loss. The information that was given was very helpful, but new research compels further explanation about blood sugar.


The previous writings discussed a popular and widely held belief that certain foods have a static glycemic index. When you eat that food your blood sugar goes up a certain amount causing a direct response of insulin output. However, this new research causes a slight wrinkle in this understanding of GI. This research shows that a glycemic response is not a static response, but a dynamic response that is unique based upon the individual’s epigenetics, history, and bacterial gut flora. However, there is still a lot to understand about these factors.


What does this all mean? We will try to put this in a very simple manner that the reader can hopefully use it in a very pragmatic fashion.


There may be a sneaky food that is stalling or halting your weight loss! No longer can we say that something like a tomato or potato is good or bad for you. That may now be individualized to the person. Each person will have to find out if these are good or bad for you. We propose that tests will have to be done on each food to find out if these foods cause a glucose intolerance in the individual. That means we would have to have you eat a food and then test the glucose level 30mn after the meal to see how high the level goes up (we would also have to have a zero in order to determine a normal using a very fibrous vegetable). If the food tested causes an unusually high spike, then it may be determined that that food should be avoided.


There are also many other factors that can complicate this line of thinking, but it may be a great way to find out why a weight-loss program is not working for the individual who just can’t seem to lose weight or keep it off.


We are currently experimenting with a protocol for helping those who are having trouble losing weight. If you are interested in this protocol please contact our office at We may have a key to helping you with your wellness goals.


One thing that has not changed is that processed snacks are still to be avoided while fibrous vegetables are very beneficial. Also, get excited! This may be a missing link!

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