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Sizing Your Bike

With the Defeat of Jesse James Days upon us, the annual bike tour put on by the Northfield Rotary will take place on Saturday.  Hundreds attend this bike event annually.  Whether you’re an avid bike enthusiast or planning on putting your feet to the pedals for the first time, you’re welcome to participate.  But, how…

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Effective Back Pain Relief in Northfield

Patients often ask to get into our clinic on the very same day, and this is often quite possible. We tend to be a busy clinic, but why do we have so many openings? This is because we are very efficient with our treatments.  What does that mean? That means our patients get better faster.…

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Chiropractor in Northfield Discusses Back Pain

There are several aspects that affect back pain. One of the new aspects that we are implementing in our clinic is to activate the cerebellum.   The cerebellum is a very important aspect of the brain, and every study that comes out shows that it is increasingly complex. These newer studies are also showing us…

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Chiropractors in Northfield Can Help Heal Injuries Faster!

Heal Faster, Prevent Future Injuries, Be More Productive after Injury or Surgery   It happens!  We fall, we stumble, we tear, we break.  From minor sprains and strains to torn rotator cuffs and invasive surgeries, there is hope!   At Cannon Pointe Chiropractic, we provide a wide range of treatment options.  One of which is…

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Northfield Chiropractor Talks About Fall Sports and Concussions

With high school and college athletes beginning practice for their fall seasons, excitement is rising in our small town! However, parents and athletes alike have been more and more concerned recently in the dangers of some activities, especially with concussions. Some parents have even pulled youth from football leagues in hopes of protecting them from…

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Northfield Chiropractor Talks About Mobility

A few Sundays ago, Jake and I went to church at the gorgeous Valley Grove Church near Nerstrand.  After mass, we enjoyed a picnic and took in the scenery.  As we were heading back to our car, an older gentleman was carrying two folding chairs, and I offered to carry them for him.  He promptly…

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