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Northfield Chiropractor Talks New Year Nutrition

That time of the year is coming up again. Yep.  Weight loss goals motivated by New Year resolutions. There are several gimmicks out there that can help people lose weight every which way. Remember ephedra? Yeah, it turns out that stuff is very similar to amphetamine, and very terrible for your heart. Weight loss is…

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DOT Physicals in Northfield

The Department of Transportation requires that certain physical requirements must be met in order to qualify for driving specific vehicles in Minnesota. Starting in 2014 it will be required to be certified in order to perform a physical exam for these drivers. In order to become certified the doctor must have the proper education and…

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Northfield Chiropractor Talks About Mobility

A few Sundays ago, Jake and I went to church at the gorgeous Valley Grove Church near Nerstrand.  After mass, we enjoyed a picnic and took in the scenery.  As we were heading back to our car, an older gentleman was carrying two folding chairs, and I offered to carry them for him.  He promptly…

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Chiropractor in Northfield and a Powerful Antioxidant Co-Q10

We have previously discussed this powerful antioxidant. That blog discussed the benefits of Co-Q10 and muscle pain caused by statin drugs. There are several more benefits that this vitamin has, but this blog with a focus on heart disease. There are two articles that talk about how Co-Q10 can be beneficial to heart disease: Study…

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Northfield Chiropractor Takes on Diabesity

Diabesity is a term that comes with a red underlining in Microsoft’s Word. It is not recognized. However, this is a term that is increasingly more poignant in today’s health lexicon. It refers to the term diabetes and obesity. Those two diagnoses are increasing and mostly go hand in hand. The current method for dealing…

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Chiropractor in Northfield Talks About Avoiding Diabetes

Diabetes has become the greatest monster in American (and growing in other countries) healthcare. It is a monster, because it is the gateway to several conditions that lead to a debilitating life along with an early death. The problem with this monster is that we don’t have the correct weapons to fight the monster effectively.…

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